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"Don't just observe it, experience it!"

The Internet's longest running Doctor Who roleplay game, the New Adventures of Doctor Who "Renegades" Simulation continues with its 12th incarnation of the infamous Doctor, joined by his crew Phineas and Hope. Join NADW every Thursday night (10pm Eastern) on IRC channel #whosim. Get a chance to write Doctor Who fanfiction, live and in person with fellow Internet Whovians.

See http://nadw.whosim.org for more info.

Doctor Who airs Fridays on SciFi Channel (9pm Eastern) and Saturdays on BBC (7pm GMT).


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Back in 1994 in a little known AOL chat room, a small group of 4 Doctor Who fans gathered to initiate their favorite time-space adventurer into a new medium of travel. Some 6 years, three spin-off games, and countless stories later, that roleplay community continues to develop an online roleplay experience for Doctor Who fans across the globe. WhoSim.Org games are not commercial rpg products that rely on complicated rules or chance. These online real time simulations enlist you and a small group of players as if you were a troop of actors. A Game Coordinator is your director, the story scripter sets the premise, and you improvise to your character's best.

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