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In the Beginning

Theta Sigma ("The Doctor") left his timelord race on Gallifrey to wander the Universe in a borrowed space-time capsule ("TARDIS"). On Earth, 1963, the Doctor settled for a time with his granddaughter Susan. Their time capsule took the exterior form of a London Police Box while the interior was as they were, in another dimension of space and time.

The Doctor and his first companion began traveling on British television sets courtesy of the BBC. The year was 1963. And from that first cold November day, the Doctor in 7 incarnations and with dozens of companions took viewers to many worlds and times battling evils and ignorance. But sadly, in 1989, the BBC canceled the series Doctor Who.

Then Came The Books

In the early 1990's, the 7th Doctor returned to his fans in a series of novels called the New and Missing Adventures of Doctor Who. Licensed by the BBC and published by Virgin Publishing, Inc., these fan books propagated the notion that the Doctor existed outside the confines of a mere television series and in the hearts and imaginations of his fans.

The Came Cyberspace

In 1994, when Earth learned a new means of communication, the Internet, fans gathered to not just discuss their favorite Doctor Who episodes but create new ones online. These interactive storytelling games relied on roleplay and live chat rooms. The New Adventures of Doctor Who Simulation picked up where the television series ended, having an 8th, 9th and its longest running 10th Doctor.

Since then, several similar storytelling sims have been spawned. The Missing Adventures of Doctor Who Simulation followed all television and novelized Doctors. The Time Trap Bar & Worlds provided a visual world for some of the 10th Doctor companions and all Doctor Who characters to adventure in time. The Time Vortex has become a parody simulation to poke fun at all fictional lore. And welcomed into the fold recently, the Dr. Who and Company continues expanding the missing adventures of the Doctor.

The Future Is In Good Hands

While there are now many ways to enjoy Doctor Who (by CBS/Fox video, PBS rebroadcasts, new and missing adventure novels, and DW Audios), the WhoSim Universe continues to provide a means for fans to create their own adventures in real time. This community is completely fan-run. The web guru (who diligently tries to knit everything together) is also an active player. Each sim group is run by a collective of players. It takes no money to join, just good manners and creativity. If you wish to experience the adventure instead of or in addition to observing it, then come on in and pick your sim group. Or suggest a new one.

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