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Playing on IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
What is it and how do I get to a game?

The Who Sims maintain a shared channel on DALnet making our games accessible to virtually anyone with an online connection. Whether you're using AOL, an ISP, WebTV, have a Mac, PC or University UNIX account you should be able to get there. This page is intended to provide all the answers you need to get connected.

1) What is IRC?

It's the Internet's freebie system of chat rooms. It doesn't require Java or Active X or anything other than a web connection and IRC client. If you surf the web (which you must to see this), then you can use IRC. (Even AOLers can get there, trust me.)

2) Where does the Who Sim play? IRC network?

The WhoSims use the server network DALnet in channel #whosim.

3) Where can I get an IRC program?

The Internet literally has dozens. Most are shareware like mIRC. The links below are to the most popular for PCs and Macs (many used by our net players).

  • mIRC - It's a new and an old favorite of the IRC community. Download version 5.3 (the newest) and you can configure it to use the chat room links below. (Comes in versions for Win 95, NT, Win 3.1 and Mac).

  • Pirch - Is the rival of mIRC and as competent. You can download a shareware copy and see which you like best.

  • Ircle - a shareware program especially for MacIntosh's.

  • MacIRC - another shareware client especially for Mac's. This site is for Mac Enthusiasts. Windows users enter at the risk of offense.

  • Make sure you download the program appropriate for your system. Windows 3.1 or AOL 3.0 users should download the 16 bit version of mIRC. Alternatively, upgrade your system; it's ancient. :)

    4) Signing on

    For ISP Users:

    Sign onto your ISP, then startup your chat program. Enter your identification information. Connect to a Newnet server from the list of IRC servers above or in your chat program. Once you've connected, join channel #whosim.

    For AOL Users:

    Sign onto AOL and minimize it. Then startup your chat program and connect to a Newnet server. If you're using mIRC click the "Local Info" tab and erase all information in the Local Host and IP Address boxes. Make sure "On Connect Always get IP Address" is checked.

    For WebTV Users:

    5) Using the Java Chat Applet

    The Java Chat Applet we've set up is meant to be an auxilliary onramp for guests, newcomers and those on the road. It requires the use of a 4.0 or greater browser. It is not compatible with WebTV. You also do not have chat logging capabilities or many of the push button options regular chat programs provide. Normal IRC commands do work by command line however.

    6) More Help

    There's a great resource on the web to answer your problems and questions about IRC. It's located at www.irchelp.org.

    7) Instant Messaging (Sending private messages to players)

    IRC provides DCC chat for direct IM-like messages and for sending files. I don't recommend it because DCC windows often get buried and miscreants could try to send you virus files. Instead, Who Simmers frequently rely on the freebie buddy chat programs available on the web.

    AOL's Instant Messenger is available for a free download to all non-AOL users. AOL members already have the Buddy List Chat included in their software- This is our primary pager/buddy list software.

    MSN Messenger is also available for free download to all users who register a free Hotmail account. This service is able to log into your AIM account if you don't mind being caught in the middle of the IM war.

    ICQ - It was the first and best IM software to hit the net community. Now there are versions for Mac and Windows. It's main features are to allow real time message exchanges, sending web links, files and e-mail. But it also allows you to send e-mail pages and IM pages for your friends to see when they sign on again. Due to its incompatibility with AOL's messenger service this is our sim's least popular option.


    These are the type-written commands you'll use to communicate in an IRC chat window. Most of these commands can be accessed via a menu or push button on your chosen IRC program, but they also work universally by just sending the typed command to the room as listed below. We advised you test out as many commands as you like prior to or proceeding gametime. We don't need to have incidents to disrupt the game while in play. :)

    Changing Nickname/Handle
    IRC lets you change your nickname on the fly so you assume a different role or costume as needed/desired. You begin with a nickname that is either your last used or default nick. If you get a message from the IRC server saying "Your nickname is already in use. You have 60 seconds to choose another." hurry up and change your nick. The server will automatically punt you if you don't.
    FORMAT: /nick [newname
    as in --- /nick Doctor

    This allows you to set the topic for the room so everyone can see what the room is for. Usually we use it to declare the room open for a particular game.
    FORMAT: /topic #channelname New Topic
    as is --- /topic #whosim NADW Renegades - Coming of Age Pt 4

    Channel Opping
    Channel Operators have the ability to control all access to the room. They are denoted with the @ symbol next to their nickname in the room list. Channel Ops are the only ones who can force miscreants out of the room with the kick command. They can also bar people from joining the channel, make it secret and require a password. Because these features are so powerful they are reserved for official sim members. These members have registered nicknames with Newnet and the ability to reclaim the room from squatters. During gametime, regular simmers may grant other regulars Op status. That way everyone is on the same level. Kicking is reserved for the Game Coordinator and is only used a a last resort to keep troublemakers out. To op someone you must have Op status yourself. Op status is lost when you leave the room.
    FORMAT: /mode #whosim +o nickname
    as in --- /mode #whosim +o Doctor

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