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Time Trap Bar & Worlds

For more info on these worlds, bar history, the Who Avatar Gallery and associated WhoSims, visit the Time Trap website.

Proprietor's Notes:

The above worlds have been created by co-bar owner Brogan MacGill (aka Jen Kokoski) for the amusement of the WhoSim players. If anyone has a suggested image or wishes to link another OnChat room to these worlds, drop her an e-mail. And please don't forget to visit some of OnChat's sponsors to support this growing new network.

Visitor's Log - Visited the bar? View or post an entry in the roleplay log.

Advisory: the Virtual chat system requires Java 2.0. You must have a 4.0 or higher browser to get in. Need to upgrade? Go to Netscape or Microsoft. If the entire room picture does not download, exit OnChat and re-enter.

Player FAQ

There are currently three linked virtual worlds to explore:

Time Trap Bar

Established in the interdimensional nexus around 31st century Mirabilis, this hangout exists in its own stasis field. Pull up to the bar for a sip of the housebrew - Pangalactic Gargleblasters. The bar is open every Thursday night from 6:30-7:30pm EST.

Time Trap Bar
Click to go to the Time Trap Bar

TARDIS Console Room

Just a quick jump from the Time Trap's matrix screen is of course, the infamous Doctor's TARDIS. If the Trap ever gets too wild with it's collection of travellers and ne'er-do-wells, this is the place to retreat and plan. And when you're ready to face the enemy, you're just a click back to the bar via the timelord's viewscreen. 

Console Room
Click here to visit the TARDIS

Time Tubes Adventure World

In the zone (real time zone) lies the destination of the Trap's acclaimed Time Tube tours. Destination tours  change every month (or whenever the proprietors are up for adventure). The way back to the bar is known only to your Tour Guide, but if you want a peek hop over. These are a few of the destinations so far.

IslandTaj Mahal
Click to visit the
Time Tubes Adventure World

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