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Virtual Roleplay FAQ

In General

The Time Trap Bar & Worlds is is a story-centered free-form roleplay environment based on a spin-off of the New and Missing Adventures of Doctor Who Simulations worlds: ie. the WhoSim Universe. Scheduled open bar nights loosely revolve around a story theme proposed by a group member. Players are invited to attend in character costume and act out their part according to the action going on around them. No chat logging is available as in our previous IRC games, so all sim fiction is recorded in the Visitor's Log. After the bar closes, or before leaving, players are encouraged to add to the story by posting a short description in character of what happened. These Visitor Logs may become the basis for the next week's theme play. Online simming requires fast thinking, ability to react to other characters and the ability to work together in a group so you may act out a believable adventure onscreen.

Costume Changes (Avatars)

In the virtual worlds of the Time Trap you are represented not only by a nickname but also by a movable thumbnail image called an avatar. With your avatar you can click to explore the bar, move over to an open stool and go off in a corner to have a private conversation with others just like in a real bar. When you sign into the virtual chat bar as a guest and new OnChat member you're default avatar image is a yellow happy face. To change your virtual costume, click on Change Avatar on the control panel to the right of the bar screen. You can select one of several images provided by OnChat. To use a custom Time Trap Avatar, register as a member then sign in and go to your Member Page. Click Avatars, then select "create a new avatar". You must use a JPEG or GIF image no more than 120x120 pixels. Transparent GIFs make the best avatars. You may use images from our Who Avatar Gallery. More images are available from OnChat's Avatar Exchange. If you wish to have a custom Time Trap avatar created for you or want to add one to our gallery, please e-mail the proprietor.

Portal Gateways

The Time Trap currently has 3 virtual chat environments for you to explore. To wander into any of the three run your mouse over the following areas of the chat room and look for the lighted panel.

In the Bar
The Time Tubes panel on the top left part of the screen whips you to a new destination.
The police box orbiting Earth leads to the Doctor's Console Room.
The viewscreen image leads back to the bar
The door mechanism on the far left panel leads to the Time Tubes Adventure World
In the Time Tubes Adventure World
Look for the Seal of Rassilon, universal symbol for time travel for a trip back to the bar.
In the lower right corner is a porthole to an even scarier OnChat world

Drinking & Movable Objects

Several items have been left in the bar worlds for you to manipulate and share. The drinks are served to patrons and the remote is available to whoever gets it first. To move an object, click on it with your mouse and drag it across the screen. But be careful. Depending where you move it the size may shrink to invisibility. Props are also available in the TARDIS and Time Tubes worlds.


A shortcut in virtual chat is the use of emoticon symbols. They are located in your bottom right control panel. The symbols include: a smiling face, sad cloud, exclamation point, comic expletive, adoring hearts, question mark, bored zzzz's. To use an emoticon just click on the symbol. It appears next to your avatar.


To say something, type your words in the chat text box (at the top of your bar window) and press ENTER to send it to the bar. Your words appear in text balloons above your avatar. By default, the text balloon appears in comic book style. To have a bubbling effect, click THINK on the OnChat control panel. To have your balloon wave for attention, click SHOUT.

Descriptions & Action

If you need to describe something your avatar doesn't seem able to do or think, use the old sim standby of colons. For instance, my Brogan character may flit behind the bar while her avatar balloon bubble says :::prepares more gargleblasters:::

Visitor's Log

The bar Visitor's Log is available through this website and by clicking on the tv screen in the bar. If you want to add your character's experiences to the lore, please leave us an entry after the game.


To send a private message to a bar patron or find out who they are click on their avatar image. A new window opens for you to do all that.

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