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14 Years, 5 Doctors and counting

"There are worlds out there where the skies are burning; the seas sleep and rivers dream. People made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger! Somewhere there's injustice. Somewhere else the tea's getting cold."
- 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy - Survival, 1987

And so ended the 27 year run of the infamous Doctor on the BBC's Doctor Who TV series in an episode aptly titled "Survival". As the then 7th Doctor knew, his life in the imagination of his greatest companions, his fans, was far from over. Determined to keep the timelord alive and exploring a new universe (cyberspace) a small band of America OnLine fans began a weekly roleplay game in 1994 to pickup where the TV series left off.

This game has continued every week for over a decade, making it the oldest active Doctor Who rpgs on the Internet. Our simulation world has followed five incarnations of the Doctor, countless companions and developed a rich history of its own. What follows is a brief history of our Doctors created with the gracious support from all simmers who've been able to journey with us in time and cyberspace.

ALTERNATE REALITY: In 2005, the BBC resurrected their old Doctor Who series with their 9th Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston) and 10th Doctor (played by David Tennant). While our players are avid viewers of the new program, our Doctors exist in a timeline outside what is seen onscreen. Our game is an homage to the Doctor Who legacy as well as our own story tradition. No in depth knowledge of either world is required to play.

The Twelfth Doctor
(2005 - )

Played by David A. Sharpe, he is our current and 5th Doctor to adventure in the Whoniverse.

After a brief incarnation in which he felt hesitant to embrace his true nature, this Doctor has regenerated with an awakened spirit for adventure and purpose. But where that spirit leads, trouble is sure to follow.

His companions include: Phineas and Hope.

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The Eleventh Doctor
(2004 - 2005)

Played by Cody Jarret, our 4th  Doctor to adventure in the sim universe and sadly one of the shortest incarnations.

Due to the tragic circumstances of his regeneration, he found himself a confused bundle of disjointed memories in a void of nonexistence. But with the help of Echo Spector and his previous selves, he was given a new chance at life.

This Doctor was not as eager to involve himself in the Universe out of a mixture of guilt and hesitance to make the same losses. But through the help of his caring and adventurous friends, his spirit of intervention returned. 

His companions included: Ravena Shaw, Phineas.

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The Tenth Doctor
(1995 - 2003)

Played by Alfred C. Snider (Tuna), he is the third Doctor to adventure in our sim world and the most popular. He first displayed his love of sweaters, short beards and a decidedly scholarly persona in Murder on the High Seas.

His companions included: Ben Jackson, Tegan Jovanka, Daniel Delmin, Zoe Herriot, K9 mk 4, Brogan MacGill, Alex Keegan, Irish, Lane Stuart, Jacie Hunter, Fred/Eos.

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The Ninth Doctor

Played by Jon Menetsky (TempusLord), his is the second Doctor to adventure in our sim world. His personality loved surprising his companions and breaking the rules.

Companions included Ben Jackson, Polly Wright and the redeemed vampire Johnathon Chance.

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The Eighth Doctor

Played by Paul Aman (COL TLord) he started our sim and pre-dated the McGann Doctor. (COL TLord). His personality was likened to the 6th Doctor with a touch of flair thrown in.

Companions included Ben Jackson and Polly Wright. 

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