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Roleplay Rules & Etiquette

In General

Games are played in the spirit of the classic Doctor Who TV series, a children's sci fi serial programme. Membership is open to anyone, but disruptors are not welcome. Foul language is kept to a minimum, but adult situations and some violence may appear. These games are geared to ages 13 and up.

Objectives of the Game(s)

WhoSim.Org simulations are story-based roleplay groups. Power points and skills attributes are not used. A story outline (script) or plot briefing (premise) becomes the central directive guiding all game play. Players are asked to take a role from the night's cast list and act out their part of the story in real time as the story unfolds on screen. This makes our simulations more like guided MUDs or improvisational theatre. The game ends for the night when the climax of the episode is reached (or by consent of the group).

Who Can Play

Anyone with a Java-supported web browser, IRC client and/or the desire to roleplay Doctor Who may join a sim group. Only members of a sim group will receive the plot/premise and may play. All players are expected to treat each other with respect in e-mail and chat rooms. Players who show persistent disruptive behavior may be removed from a sim group.

Where To Play

WhoSim.Org sims are held in two forms currently, text-based IRC and graphical avatar chat. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) games rely on words alone to describe scenes and actions as well as character dialogue. Multiple scenes may be played with the use of scene symbols and other text shortcuts. (Read here for a description of IRC text shortcuts.) Avatar chat games allow characters to have avatar bodies and move around a visual world. Movable objects are used as props. Scene changes are managed by clicking to another graphical room. Character costume changes are performed by switching avatars on the fly. (Read here for a description of Avatar chat shortcuts.)

Concerning Continuity

To ensure the creativity of all players, WhoSim.Org games have a fairly open interpretation of continuity between books, audios, and sim adventures. Some crossover stories may be played, including themes and characters, but no sim group must adhere to any set continuity. All sims do, however, view the television series as canon. Where our creativity leads elsewhere, an appropriate alter-explanation should be provided.

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