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The Time Trap Bar
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The Time Trap Bar is an intertemporal hangout in a stasis field of the time vortex. It was formed to promote peace, understanding and relaxation for all time travelers and WhoSimmers. In a virtual chat world (sponsored by OnChat.com), participants are able to float about the bar in costumes (avatars) they choose, sip virtual gargleblasters (the house specialty), meet old friends and hop on a Time Tube trip to places unknown. This is a free-form roleplay environment where stories are followed in the Visitor's Log. Scheduled times are for premise-related games where people should come to roleplay. The rooms are otherwise available for everyone to assemble and chat in a Doctor Who environment. This is a PG-rated environment. Profanity, vulgarity and offensive behavior is not welcome.

Roleplay gatherings are Fridays 12:00am EST, but the bar & worlds are open any time for impromptu gatherings.

Some things the group has:

Want more info? Contact the proprietor, Brogan MacGill-Keegan (aka Jen) or visit the  Time Trap website.

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