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Date: Biweekly 

Time: 9pm EST
- 5 hours Greenwich Mean Time (London, UK)


(USA) Saturday night at 9pm Eastern (8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, 6pm Pacific and 5pm Hawaii)

(Australia) Sunday morning at 11am Sydney (8am Western Australia)

Premise & Rules

This is a text-based chat game relying on roleplaying skills and the creativity of players. No script is used, but a premise will become the basis for our cast choices and action. Come with an open mind, clean mouth and a desire to have fun with the fictional worlds we follow. Extreme vulgarity is frowned upon. Excessive violence and bloated egos are allowed as long as they are in character. A sense of humor is a MUST for all players.

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The Wormhole contains all our past adventures.

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Col. Jack O'Neil and his SG-1 Team have received word of a third stargate in the Salisbury plains. When the stargate is activated by British archeologists, SG-1 races to shut it down. But so does retired Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and his ad-hoc UNIT response team. When the two secret military forces converge on the site the only thing neither expected was a battered blue police box to materialize thru the wormhole carrying Sarah Jane Smith and the 3rd Doctor.


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